5 Big Reasons to Use Direct Mail Services in Houston

Direct mail advertising involves the sending of promotions or offers by mail to current and potential customers. Mailpieces can include brochures, sales letters, prepaid envelopes and order forms, and some small companies advertise in direct mail inserts and magazines to cut costs. Below are some of the primary benefits of Direct Mail Services in Houston.

It’s Highly Targeted

A big advantage of direct mail advertising is its highly targeted nature. Businesses can buy mailing lists through various services, and from there, they can prepare mailings in hopes of bringing more customers into a store.

It’s Measurable

Direct mail is a measurable form of advertising, particularly for small companies. For instance, a small store may put an ad in a direct mailer that’s sent to all the homes in a certain area. The owner can include an expiration date on a coupon or a department number on an individual mailpiece. This makes it easier for store owners to track responses and calculate the profitability of each mailing.

It’s Individualized

Direct marketing is also very individualized, and computer programs make it easy for shop owners to address customers by name. About 55% of people are very eager to read mail, according to the USPS, and addressing someone by name can enhance the reader’s experience and encourage them to make a purchase.

It’s Cost Efficient

Direct mail is extremely cost effective. Companies can easily design eye-catching, colorful mailers and have hundreds of copies printed affordably. Furthermore, companies can mail out small quantities in the testing phase. Once the effectiveness of the mailing is determined, numbers can be increased in the next mailing.

It’s Flexible

Direct mail is one of the most flexible forms of advertising. Small companies can use leaflets to cut costs, and manufacturers can include samples in their mailers. Business owners can include as much information as they wish in a direct mailer, depending on what they can afford to spend.

There are many ways for businesses to reach current and potential customers, but direct mail remains one of the most effective. In consideration of the benefits listed here, it’s easy to see why more of today’s businesses are turning to direct mail as a marketing strategy.