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ADVANTAGES OF ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION When there is a seamless communication process in an organization, productivity increases, sales volumes improves and stakeholders’ value is solidified. Therefore it is imperative to ensure that there is a well-defined route of communication that is not only efficient but also understood by the players’ within the various business stages. These has the effect of aiding is timely decision making for the good of the organization. When staff in various departments are issued with email addresses upon been employed, they are able to send reports on their performance to the seniors who are able to make a timely intervention and decision. More so, communication to more than one person can be done simultaneously. Irrespective of the distance between the staff, whether within or outside the country, communication can still be done in a cheaper way by use of emails that are linked to their phones, tablets or laptops. It also implies, decisions and consultations can still be done with minimum costs.
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Email help in preserving a record of communication between the parties and can be referenced or retrieved in case of any arising dispute. It is possible to monitor which staff are not responding to customer enquiry in a timely manner. Therefore, an email helps in taking actions that may help the business from such non-responsive staff by monitoring the threads of their responses.
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Email addresses are critical for passing confidential information or reports to the right people in an organization. The sensitivity of such critical information is safeguarded by use of passwords that are unique to the address owner. Fifth, traceability of information is possible through emails. This is because; the address is unique to each staff. Therefore, when competitors get access to unauthorized data, it is possible to carry out a system audit and be able to identify whose email address was used to leak the company information, and apprehend the culprit. The advantages associated with emails far much out do the negatives and should, therefore, be adopted by all organizations for purposes of improving their efficiency and tracking of staff besides keeping records. It is therefore imperative to make use of information technology to save on time associated with unnecessary movement across departments by staff. A company image is enhanced by use of the email address. It also provides written communication unlike other traditional approaches like a telephone that have no records of the correspondence. Therefore it is important to set up an email address for the company from the onset.